11 May 2024

Lok Sabha elections 2024: Why Ram Niwas Rawat had to clarify that he has actually joined BJP?

Lok Sabha elections 2024: MLA Ram Niwas Rawat of Madhya Pradesh has sparked discussions amidst the Lok Sabha elections-2024. With six consecutive terms as an MLA from the Congress party, Rawat recently made headlines by switching allegiance to the BJP. However, his recent interview has stirred controversy surrounding his party affiliation.

In the interview, Rawat claimed that he hadn't officially joined the BJP. He clarified that during a BJP event where CM Mohan Yadav was present, he merely shared the stage with Yadav as a gesture of friendship, and wore BJP's band in his hand. This statement led to speculation about Rawat's political alignment. After this Yadav has cleared the confusion.

Rawat later stated that the interview was meant in jest and shouldn't be taken seriously. Contrary to his earlier remarks, he affirmed his membership with the BJP and asserted his commitment to serving as a BJP worker. 

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