3 May 2024

FIR lodged against Jitu Patwari for making derogatory remarks against Imarti Devi; will PCC chief be arrested?

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024: BJP leader Imarti Devi has filed a First Information Report (FIR) against MPCC chief Jitu Patwari at the Dabra police station in Gwalior for making inappropriate remarks about her.

The incident unfolded on Thursday when Jitu Patwari arrived in Gwalior to conduct election meetings and campaign for Congress candidates. Later in the evening, he engaged with the media. During the interaction with journalists, Jitu Patwari made a remark about Imarti Devi, which swiftly gained attention in the media and began circulating widely on social platforms.

Upon learning of the incident, Imarti Devi promptly responded. On Friday, she visited the Dabra City police station and submitted a written application, filing a complaint against Jitu Patwari. In response to Imarti Devi's complaint, the police have registered an FIR against Jitu Patwari under Section 509 and 3(1) of the Atrocity Act.

Gwalior Police claims Patwari could be arrested if allegations are found true

In this instance, Additional SP Niranjan Sharma has stated that based on Imarti Devi's complaint, an FIR has been filed against Jitu Patwari. Investigations are underway, and should the allegations prove true, Patwari will face arrest. This isn't the first time Imarti Devi has faced criticism from Congress members. Previously, during the 2020 by-election, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath referred to her controversially during an election rally in Dabra, sparking significant controversy.

Now, once again, Jitu Patwari has made contentious remarks about Imarti Devi. The extent of its impact on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections remains to be seen. However, the filing of the FIR against Jitu Patwari has caused a commotion within the Congress ranks. The BJP has organized protests in several locations in response to Patwari's comments. Presently, there has been no response from Jitu Patwari or any other Congress leader regarding this matter.

BJP Mahila Morcha protests against Jitu in Indore

Meanwhile, in Indore, members of the BJP Mahila Morcha gathered outside the residence of Jitu Patwari in Indore, staging a protest against his disrespectful comments about Imarti Devi. Hundreds of women, armed with bangles as a symbol of contempt, congregated at Patwari's residence in Bijalpur, Indore, on Friday.

The protest was captured on video and has quickly gained traction on social media. The footage depicts BJP women activists tearing down posters featuring Jitu Patwari and walking on them, symbolizing their disapproval. However, the posters also bore images of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ram, sparking further controversy.

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