15 May 2024

MP: Bhopal Metro to run at this speed; testing in progress

Bhopal: The Bhopal Metro train has been designed to reach speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. However, for the city's shorter distances between stations, the speed will be set between 70 to 80 km/hr. The testing of the five metro trains that have arrived in the state capital is currently being conducted in phases.

An official from the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Company Limited explained that while the train is capable of reaching 90 km/hr, it will operate at a speed of 70 to 80 km/hr in practice due to the short distance between stations. The train is expected to reach the next station within two minutes. Currently, five metro train sets have been delivered to the city, with the next set anticipated to arrive in July.

27 metro train sets to operate in Bhopal

A total of 27 metro train sets are planned to operate in Bhopal. At present, the metro authorities are focused on testing the available trains according to the established schedule. 

During the testing phase, various aspects of the metro train such as brakes, CCTV, sound system, speed, software, and announcement system are being checked. The testing is being conducted with an alternate or 2-day gap between Subhash Nagar metro station and Rani Kamlapati Metro Railway Station.

An officer mentioned that the testing of the metro train is being carried out by the Alstom Company, which is the same company that manufactured the Metro train. The focus during testing is primarily on the first set of trains that have arrived. All systems and software of this initial train are thoroughly examined. If all tests are successful, the same software is then installed in the remaining trains.

It has been reported that during the testing phase, the speed of the metro train is limited to between 25 and 30 kilometers per hour initially, with plans to gradually increase this limit.

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