19 May 2024

MP News: Female Cheetah Veera makes her way to Gwalior; will not be rescued immediately

Sheopur: Female cheetah named Veera ventured out of Kuno National Park in Sheopur and made her way to Gwalior via Jaura and Pahargarh in Morena. Veera encountered a herd of goats in Baghwala village of Bhanwarpura, located on the Gwalior-Morena border, where she lifted three goats in front of the shepherd. 

Kuno management says that in the meeting held a few days ago, it was also decided that if cheetahs reach the neighboring districts and areas from Sheopur, then there is no need to rescue them.

Veera has entered in this area for the first time

Veera has entered in this area for the first time, and the Kuno National Park team is keeping a close watch on her. The residents of Bhanwarpura and nearby villages are feeling anxious and are venturing out only in groups for safety.

Forest Department Rangers, including Ankit Pandey, Shailendra Gurjar, and Sachin Gupta from Gwalior, along with their staff, responded to the situation. The cheetah remained perched on the farm's ridge from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday before moving further into the forest.

Park management alerts Gwalior Forest Division

The park management alerted the Gwalior Forest Division officers about Cheetah Veera's movement outside Kuno National Park, leading to the deployment of monitoring teams from the Ghatigaon Range. 

The Forest Division has also stationed its staff for security measures. Upon hearing about the cheetah's presence, locals from nearby villages gathered, prompting the police and forest department team members to ensure their safety by escorting them away from the site.

Veera under observation: APCCF

Uttam Kumar Sharma, the Additional Principal Chief Forest Conservator of Kuno National Park, mentioned that Veera is under constant observation.

The Forest Department team posted in the surrounding districts will assist in monitoring the cheetah. Earlier, male cheetah Pawan had also reached Karauli in Rajasthan. Then the monitoring team of Kuno management rescued him and brought him to Kuno. The female cheetah, which reached Bhanwarpura village of Gwalior via Pahargarh in Morena, has covered a distance of about 125 to 150 kilometers.

Veera has been roaming outside Kuno Park since May 4. She has left Pahargarh area of Morena district and has now reached Bhanwarpura village on the border of Gwalior. Veera hunted three goats on Saturday. 

Cheetah tracking team and Gwalior forest department team are present around it. Earlier there was a possibility of rescuing the female cheetah but when Veera went away from the population, the officers also became relaxed. Now the tracking team is keeping an eye on Veera.

No cause for concern: DFO 

Thirakul R, DFO, Kuno said that there is no cause for concern about the female cheetah Veera roaming out of Kuno. There is no threat to the villagers from the big cat. We are continuously monitoring. Rescue will not be done as long as there is no danger to the people.

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