23 May 2024

MP News: Why Congress has lodged a complaint against storyteller Pradeep Mishra?

MP News: A complaint has been lodged by Congress with the Election Commission against Pt. Pradeep Mishra, a well-known storyteller from Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, known for his narration of Shiv Kathas and public statements. 

The Congress Party has submitted a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner of India via the Collector's office, alleging that Pradeep Mishra is attempting to garner votes for a specific party during a religious event, which is a violation of the election model code of conduct. 

The Congress Party has urged for appropriate action to be taken in response to this alleged violation. As per reports, Pt. Pradeep Mishra has been accused of politicizing religion in his storytelling by encouraging votes for a particular party and leader, thereby breaching the code of conduct.

'Pradeep Mishra took the name of PM and BJP in a religious event'

According to the press note released, the Congress party said, "Recently, Sehore's storyteller Pradeep Mishra had told a story in Paratwada, Maharashtra. On the first day on May 6, Pradeep Mishra took the name of the Prime Minister and the BJP in a religious event. He asked for votes, which is a violation of the Election Commission's instructions and is against the Constitution.

The letter further says, "In the same story, on the last day on May 12, Amravati's independent MP and BJP MP candidate Navneet Rana had also given a speech asking for votes in the name of religion. Case of code of conduct violation was registered against both of them." Congress has demanded from the Chief Election Commissioner to register a case.

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