23 May 2024

Swati Maliwal Case: Delhi Police Postpone Questioning of Arvind Kejriwal's Parents, What Atishi, Kejriwal Said?

The Delhi Police have decided not to visit Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal's residence on Thursday for the questioning of his parents regarding the alleged assault on AAP MP Swati Maliwal. 

Reports surfaced about the postponement of the scheduled inquiry after senior AAP members, including Sanjay Singh and Atishi, gathered at the chief minister's house to express solidarity with Kejriwal's parents.

Arvind Kejriwal had mentioned on Wednesday that the Delhi Police would be questioning his elderly and unwell parents on Thursday.

Sources reported that the police might visit Arvind Kejriwal's residence in the upcoming days to question other family members, and there is a possibility of questioning Arvind Kejriwal himself in the near future.

On Thursday morning, videos were shared by AAP showing Arvind Kejriwal assisting his parents, who seemed to be having difficulty walking, to a room in his house for the interrogation.

Arvind Kejriwal later posted on X that he, along with his wife and parents, was awaiting the police.

He stated, "Yesterday, the police called and requested time to interrogate my parents. However, they have not confirmed whether they will arrive or not."

AAP has accused the BJP of mistreating Arvind Kejriwal's parents through the police.

BJP has been panicking: Atishi

Atishi, an AAP leader, mentioned, "Since Arvind Kejriwal was granted bail, the BJP has been panicking. They are targeting Arvind Kejriwal and AAP with attacks and conspiracies. By summoning Arvind Kejriwal's parents for questioning by the Delhi Police, they have now crossed all boundaries."

Sanjay Singh, another AAP leader, highlighted that Kejriwal's father requires assistance to walk, and his mother recently returned from the hospital.

He added, "The BJP has now resorted to using the Delhi Police to mistreat Kejriwal's elderly and ailing parents. His father, aged 84, has mobility issues and hearing impairments. His mother had just returned from the hospital two days prior to his arrest, and he was unable to meet her at that time. The public will respond to this through their votes."

Swati Maliwal alleged that she was physically assaulted by Arvind Kejriwal's associate Bibhav Kumar at the Delhi chief minister's residence. She claimed that Arvind Kejriwal and his family were present in the house during the alleged incident.

AAP has countered by stating that Maliwal's FIR was part of a conspiracy orchestrated by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Maliwal informed the police that she had interacted with Kejriwal's family before the altercation with Bibhav Kumar.

Delhi Police had taken Bibhav Kumar into custody last week.

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