23 May 2024

What Swati Maliwal Said About Resigning From AAP Rajya Sabha Member Post

Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal has made it clear that she has no intention of resigning from her position.

"I have no greed for the post of MP," Maliwal stated to the media. "If I had been approached respectfully, then I would have resigned. I don't feel bound by any position. I can work even without a post. But the way they have treated me, I will not resign under any circumstances."

Swati Maliwal, the youngest woman MP in Parliament, emphasized her commitment to her role. She said, "I will not resign and I will prove myself as an ideal MP."

Maliwal, representing the Aam Aadmi Party, has alleged that on May 13, Arvind Kejriwal's PA, Bibhav Kumar, assaulted her at the CM's residence. Following her complaint, Delhi Police registered an FIR against Bibhav Kumar, who, along with four others, is currently on police remand until May 23.

Bibhav Kumar's father said this

The Aam Aadmi Party has denied Maliwal's allegations. Bibhav Kumar's father, Maheshwar Rai, has defended his son, asserting his innocence. According to Maheshwar Rai, Bibhav claimed he had not touched Maliwal and had only informed her that she could not meet Kejriwal without permission. He also alleged that Maliwal had threatened to send Bibhav Kumar to jail.

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