17 May 2024

MP: Why Shivraj Singh Chouhan Summoned to Delhi Before Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results Revealed

The BJP high command has called former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to Delhi, even before the Lok Sabha election-2024 results are announced. This move has raised questions about the purpose behind his visit to the capital. Shivraj Singh Chouhan was a candidate for the Vidisha seat in the Lok Sabha elections. Typically, one would expect him to visit Delhi after the election results are out. However, upon closer examination of the reasons for his early arrival in Delhi, a significant motive has emerged.

BJP is mobilizing its top leaders for campaign in Delhi

Delhi is set to conduct voting for seven seats in a single phase, scheduled for May 25. These seats include Chandni Chowk, North East Delhi, East Delhi, New Delhi, North West Delhi, West Delhi, and South Delhi. Except for one seat, the BJP has introduced new candidates for the remaining seats. In an effort to make inroads in Delhi, a stronghold of the Aam Aadmi Party, the BJP is mobilizing its top leaders for the campaign during the Lok Sabha elections-2024.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan has been enlisted as one of the star campaigners by the BJP. Following the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections-2024 in Madhya Pradesh, he has been entrusted with the task of campaigning, holding rallies, and conducting public meetings in support of BJP candidates in Delhi. Upon receiving instructions from the BJP high command, Shivraj Singh Chouhan promptly arrived in Delhi to assume his responsibilities.

Shivraj will be campaigning for the following BJP candidates in Delhi:

Bansuri Swaraj from New Delhi

Praveen Khandelwal from Chandni Chowk

Harsh Malhotra from East Delhi

Yogendra Chandauliya from North-West Delhi

Kamaljeet Sehrawat from West Delhi

Ramveer Singh Bidhuri from South Delhi

6 of 7 BJP candidates in Delhi are new faces

All these candidates have been projected as new faces by the BJP, as they have replaced the previous ticket holders from the 2019 elections. With a strategy to deploy all its star campaigners for the election campaign in Delhi, the BJP has called upon Shivraj Singh Chouhan to actively participate in rallies, public meetings, and campaign activities in support of the candidates.

Kejriwal had alleged BJP was sidelining its senior leaders

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, had previously challenged the BJP by mentioning Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Kejriwal stated that the BJP was sidelining its senior leaders one by one, with Shivraj Singh Chouhan being a prominent example. 

After leading BJP to victory in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, Shivraj Singh Chouhan was replaced as Chief Minister by a less experienced leader, Dr. Mohan Yadav. Kejriwal also hinted that the next target could be UP CM Yogi Adityanath. In response to Kejriwal's remarks, the BJP high command has called upon Shivraj Singh Chouhan to Delhi to counter these allegations and lead the election campaign effectively.

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