17 May 2024

Rajasthan: Conflict Emerges Within Congress After Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Voting Completed in State

After the conclusion of the voting in Rajasthan for Lok Sabha elections-2024, internal conflicts within the Congress party have surfaced. A statement made by Ashok Gehlot during an interaction with media has sparked discussions. Gehlot indirectly criticized Sachin Pilot, suggesting that such remarks should be avoided. 

Pilot had mentioned not being invited to campaign in Jalore, prompting Gehlot to caution against such statements during elections, as they could potentially harm the candidate. Ashok Gehlot's son Vaibhav Gehlot is pitted against BJP's Lumbaram Chowdhary.

Gehlot had previously characterized the Jalore seat as highly competitive, leading to speculations about Vaibhav Gehlot's chances in the constituency.

Gehlot confident of Cong winning double-digit seats in state

Regarding the election results in Rajasthan, Gehlot expressed confidence in Congress winning double-digit seats in the state. He also predicted a shift in the political landscape, hinting at the formation of an Indian coalition government at the Centre. This assertion has stirred political debates within the state.

As the Lok Sabha election phases progress, fluctuations in the betting market are reflecting changes in Rajasthan. Despite the conclusion of voting in Rajasthan, ongoing price shifts indicate BJP leading on 17 seats while Congress on 8 seats in the state. Nationally, the betting market suggests around 280 seats for BJP and over 70 seats for Congress.

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