7 May 2024

PM Modi Casts Vote in Ahmedabad Amidst Enthusiastic Crowd

Prime Minister Narendra Modi exercised his voting right this morning at a polling station set up in a school in Ahmedabad as part of the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections-2024. The Nishan Higher Secondary School in Ranip, Ahmedabad, served as the polling venue for the Prime Minister.

Arriving a little past 7:30 am, PM Modi was welcomed by Union Minister Amit Shah. The two leaders, amid cheers and slogans from the gathered crowd, proceeded to the polling booth. Along the way, amidst the fervor, PM Modi graciously autographed a portrait drawn by one of his supporters.

There is great importance of daan in our country 

Addressing the significance of voting in a democracy, PM Modi urged citizens to actively participate in the electoral process. He emphasized the importance of this democratic duty, likening it to a form of 'daan' or donation to the nation. "There is great importance of 'daan' in our country and in the same spirit, the countrymen should vote as much as possible. Four rounds of voting are still ahead," said PM Modi.

PM said, "This is the same place from where I always vote. Amit Bhai from BJP is contesting from here. I came from Andhra last night, now I have to go to Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh. I want to express my gratitude to the voters of the country who Let's vote."

Furthermore, he advised media personnel covering the elections to take care of their health amidst the rigorous schedule, recommending they stay hydrated.

Later in the day, Union Minister Amit Shah, contesting from Gandhinagar, cast his vote.

Rahul Gandhi's appeal

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi urged citizens to exercise frabchise.

He said, "Today is the third phase of voting! I request all of you to come out in large numbers and vote to protect your rights. Remember, this is not an ordinary election, it is an election to protect the democracy and Constitution of the country."

Today's voting encompasses 93 constituencies across 10 states and a Union Territory, marking the third phase of the Lok Sabha elections.

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