28 May 2024

Relief from heat wave in 6 states from this date: above-normal monsoon rainfall expected this year, says IMD; check details here

Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh, currently enduring the intense heat of Nautapa, are expected to find relief from the heat wave by May 30. According to the Meteorological Department's forecast, there is a possibility of thunderstorms and lightning in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Rajasthan, while Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand may experience rain.

The weather office said that the heat wave across India will likely decline from May 30. However, the weatherman has warned of severe heat wave over northwest India up to May 29.

The weather office had earlier issued alerts for Delhi and Rajasthan as temperatures soared to 50 degrees in certain areas.

Meteorological Department chief Mrityunjay Mohapatra stated in a press conference that Rajasthan and Gujarat have faced a heat wave lasting nine to twelve days, with temperatures ranging between 45 to 50 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab have experienced heat waves for five to seven days, with temperatures between 44 and 48 degrees Celsius.

Above-normal monsoon rainfall expected

Retaining its April forecast, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the country is likely to receive above-normal monsoon rainfall this year.

Above-normal rain will help the country improve its agricultural output and replenish water reservoirs at a time when several regions have faced severe heat waves with the temperature going as high as a little over 49 degrees Celsius

The IMD said above normal rainfall is likely over most parts of the country except many areas of northern part of Northwest India, Northeast India and eastern part of the Central India and adjoining areas of east India, where below normal to normal rainfall is most likely. During June, above-normal heat wave days are likely over most areas of Northwest India and adjoining areas of Central India.

33 die in Rajasthan 

Earlier on Monday, a BSF jawan posted on the India-Pakistan border in Jaisalmer died due to heatstroke. A constable posted in the police line of Jodhpur lost his life due to the heat. The number of people who died due to heat in Rajasthan in 4 days has reached 33. In Bihar also, a jawan from Nagaland has died of heat stroke.

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