27 May 2024

MP Bhopal News: Umang Singhar demands judicial inquiry in Lokayukta office fire case, this is what he said?

Leader of Opposition of Madhya Pradesh assembly and Congress leader Umang Singhar on Monday demanded that the state government should conduct a judicial inquiry in connection with a fire incident at Lokayukta office.

Singhar also alleged that various irregularities occurred in the state and their files were with the state Lokayukta. Therefore, the reason for the fire at the Lokayukta office was that the government was trying to suppress the issues.

Singhar said, "A phase of fire incidents in government offices is going on in the state. First, a fire incident occurred in Satpura Bhawan (State Directorate), after that fire broke out at Vallabh Bhawan (State Secretariat), now there was a fire in the state Lokayukta office on Sunday."

'There was a file related to an irregularity in Simhastha in the Lokayukta office'

The Congress leader said further, "There may be excuses that it was a short circuit. But the information I have received is that there was a file related to an irregularity in the 'Simhastha' in the Lokayukta office."

He further alleged, "Names of Chief Minister Mohan Yadav's family were there in connection with the Simhastha land scam. Had it not been the situation that the incident happened with the intention of burning those scam files? The officers were also worried that if an investigation was conducted, then they would also be caught. I think that it is a serious matter and there should be an investigation into it."

'I will raise the issue in the assembly session'

Singhar also said that he would raise the issue seriously in the upcoming assembly session.

"Many scams have taken place in the state till now, why has a proper and clear investigation report regarding the scams not been brought in the assembly or among the public till now? There are various issues and its files were with the Lokayukta. Therefore, the main reason for the fire at Lokayukta is that the government is trying to suppress these issues," Singhar said.

"I think a special committee should be formed or a judicial inquiry should be conducted by the state government," he added.

Commenting on the nursing college scam, the Congress leader targeted the state minister Vishwas Sarang, saying the way affiliation was given to around 200 colleges during his tenure as medical education minister, action should be taken against him.

"During the tenure of Vishwas Sarang as medical education minister, the way affiliation was given to 150-200 nursing colleges, the first action should be taken against him. I clearly say that the affiliation was given to various colleges by accepting lakhs of rupees in connivance with officers," Singhar said.

When CM Mohan Yadav would take action against his minister? the Congress leader asked.

No documents or records were damaged: Govt

However, the state government claimed that documents and government records were not damaged in the fire.

In-charge Section Officer, Lokayukta Office, Bhopal informed that a fire broke out in the unused material for the maintenance work of the office kept near the boundary of the old building of F Block, Old Secretariat of Lokayukta Office, Bhopal, at 2 pm on May 26, 2024.

Section Officer Lokayukta said that after receiving information about the fire, immediate arrangements for fire fighting were made through Municipal Corporation Bhopal. The fire was extinguished on time by the fire brigade. The fire broke out in unused material for maintenance work kept near the boundary in the office premises. Due to this, only unusable material is burnt. Apart from this, no other official documents were burnt and no government records were damaged.

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