26 May 2024

Turbulence in Qatar Airways' flight going from Doha to Dublin, 12 passengers injured

12 people have been injured due to turbulence in Qatar Airways' flight going from Doha to Dublin.

According to Dublin Airport operator DAA, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner encountered turbulence in Turkish skies.

Qatar Airways flight QR 017 landed at 13:00 local time. After this emergency services personnel like airport police, ambulance and fire department reached there.

According to reports, six passengers and six crew members were injured due to the turbulence, with eight people taken to hospital.

DDA has said that there has been no impact on flight operations at the airport and return flights are arriving on time.

Qatar Airways told media in a statement that "some passengers and crew sustained minor injuries during the flight and are receiving treatment."

Earlier this week, a 73-year-old British man died due to severe turbulence on a plane bound for Singapore.

During this, more than 100 passengers were injured, of which 20 were kept in ICU because they had spinal injuries.

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