8 May 2024

What Kapil Sibal said on PM Modi’s statement 'Babri lock on Ram temple'

Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal has raised questions on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement in which he had said that if Congress comes to power, it will put 'Babri lock on Ram temple'.

Kapil Sibal said, "Our Prime Minister should not make such a statement. He said that I want 400 seats so that Congress will not be able to put Babri Masjid’s lock on Ram Temple."

He said, "What kind of statement is this? The Supreme Court has given its decision. You have built the Ram temple. You have gone there. The people of India are going there. What is the need for you to give such a statement. The need is because your expiry date has come, otherwise you would not have made such a statement.

On May 7, while addressing an election rally in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi had said, "Modi needs 400 seats so that I can stop every conspiracy of Congress and Indian alliance. Modi needs 400 seats so that Congress can get power in Kashmir. Don't spoil the game by bringing back 370.

"Modi needs 400 seats so that Congress does not put Babri lock on Ram temple in Ayodhya."

Shah also makes similar statement

Meanwhile, addressing an election rally in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has also said on Wednesday that if the INDIA coalition government comes to power somehow, the Ram temple will be locked.

Amit Shah had arrived to campaign for Lakhimpur Kheri sitting MP and Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra Teni.

In a speech that lasted almost half an hour, the Union Home Minister highlighted a statement by Samajwadi Party MP Ram Gopal Yadav and said, "He had said that Ram Temple is useless." So remember... if you make even the slightest mistake, they will put a lock by the name of Babri on the Ram temple.

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