8 May 2024

MP Lok Sabha Election 2024: Digvijaya Singh makes sensational allegations in Rajgarh, questions discrepancy between 11 votes cast and machine's count of 50

MP Lok Sabha Election 2024 Rajgarh LS seat: Digvijaya Singh, contesting from Rajgarh Lok Sabha seat, has made sensational allegations regarding voting. Digvijaya Singh told media persons that he has received a report from a polling booth in Rajgarh. Only 11 votes have been cast here but the machine is telling that 50 votes have been cast. After all, how did such a big mistake happen? Digvijaya Singh alleged that fraud is being done in voting.

Cong workers were kept away from polling booths

Digvijaya Singh alleged that Congress leader Pankaj Yadav was made to sit in the police station but the criminal type people of BJP are left free. Digvijaya Singh also said that Congress workers were kept away from the radius of 100 meters of the polling booth but BJP workers were allowed to go within 100 meters of the polling booth with posters-banners of Lord Ram. Obviously the entire administration seems to be working in the interest of BJP.

Digvijaya Singh said that this is his last election because now he is 77 years old. Now new boys should get a chance. Therefore, this is my last election and after this I will not contest any other election.

Will Digvijaya's Padyatra overshadow BJP's stalwarts?

Digvijay Singh is playing the emotional card by calling this election his last election. He has undertaken a padyatra in the entire area and tried to connect with the public. At the same time, the BJP leadership from the Center to the state has tried its best in support of BJP candidate Rodmal Nagar. Now it has to be seen whether Digvijaya Singh's padyatra will overshadow the rallies of BJP stalwarts or not.

Rajgarh is said to be the stronghold of Digvijaya Singh. He has returned to Rajgarh after 33 years. He had contested the last Lok Sabha elections from Bhopal, in which he was defeated by BJP's Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.

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