21 May 2024

Why are Iranians celebrating death of President Ebrahim Raisi?

Ebrahim Raisi was not just the President of Iran, but it was believed that he would take the place of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei after him. But, upon the death of such a prominent figure in Iran, some people in Iran are celebrating.

"I think this is the only accident in history that everyone is worried that no one should survive... Happy World Helicopter Day." These are the words of Iranian-American journalist Masih Alinejad, who shared this message on social media after the report of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter crash. 

Following the news of Raisi's helicopter accident, hundreds of Iranians gathered at the main intersections of the city to pray for his safety. However, there are also Iranians who are celebrating Raisi's death.

Several viral videos on social media show Iranians and Iranian expatriates in foreign countries sharing memes and expressing joy over the helicopter crash. Some people in Iran can be seen celebrating by setting off fireworks. Journalist Masih Alinejad mentioned on her official account that Iran's social media is filled with jokes about Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter crash. 

Alinejad also shared a video showing a woman dancing. While sharing the video, journalist Masih Alinejad claimed that a few months ago, Ebrahim Raisi had caused the death of the woman's son, and now she is dancing upon Raisi's death. She further wrote, "I told you that Iranian women are wounded, but they will never bow down in front of oppressors."

Masih Alinejad wrote: "Celebratory fireworks light up the sky in Iran following the helicopter crash involving President Raisi and Foreign Minister Abdollahian. In the video, a woman says, ‘I hope the report of his demise is true.’

Raisi implemented extremely conservative policies

After controversial presidential elections in 2021, Raisi came to power and implemented extremely conservative policies. Raisi, known for his hardliner stance, was considered close to Supreme Leader Khamenei. He was held responsible for crushing dissent and freedom of expression, imposing restrictions on women's clothing, and enforcing strict 'Hijab And Chastity Law.' This law empowered Iran's morality police with extensive powers.

Maximum celebration was seen in Kurdistan

The maximum celebration of President Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter accident was seen in Iran's Kurdistan region. In the city of Saqqez, people celebrated Raisi's death by setting off fireworks. Saqqez is the hometown of Mahsa Amini, who became the face of protests against the Hijab in Iran. Mahsa Amini had participated in protests against the Hijab, leading to her being targeted by Iran's morality police. She was arrested for appearing without a Hijab and brutally beaten during her detention, leading to her death in the hospital.

Mahsa Amini was recognized as a hero fighting for women's rights

After her death, Mahsa Amini was recognized as a hero fighting for women's rights in Iran. Women across the country took to the streets in her support. Mahsa Amini's name gained recognition worldwide, with people in various parts of the world raising their voices for her. In Mahsa Amini's city, there is considerable anger against Iran's President Raisi, which surfaced even after her death.

Raisi participated in protests against moderate Shah

During the 1979 revolution, Raisi was studying and participated in protests against the moderate Shah. The revolution overthrew the moderate government and established a strict Islamic regime.

Raisi was given titles like 'Tehran's Butcher'

Raisi joined the judiciary at the age of 25 and soon became the Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran. He was groomed personally by Ayatollah Khamenei. In 1988, thousands of political prisoners were executed in Iran, in which Raisi played a significant role. Due to this, he was given titles like 'Tehran's Butcher.'

Under Khamenei's guidance, Raisi rose to become Iran's President in 2021. Since coming to power, he enforced strict Islamic laws in Iran and suppressed those who disagreed with the regime.

The enforcement of harsh Islamic policies in Iran forced many Iranians to leave their country. Even Iranians living abroad are celebrating Raisi's death. People have been seen dancing outside the Iranian Embassy in London.

During the protests against the Hijab in 2022, Iranian security forces shot and killed 62-year-old Minoo Majidi. Now, after Raisi's death, Majidi's daughter has also celebrated.

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