3 Jun 2024

After Amul, Mother Dairy also hikes milk price; check new rates here

After Amul, now Mother Dairy has also increased the price of milk. The company has increased the price of milk by two rupees from June 3. After this increase, now the price of Mother Dairy's full cream milk has become Rs 68 per liter, while the price of toned milk has been increased from Rs 54 to Rs 56 per liter.

Mother Dairy cited the rise in the company's procurement cost of raw milk from dairy farmers as the reason behind the price hike. Despite facing higher procurement costs in recent months, Mother Dairy did not raise its prices. Additionally, milk production is expected to be impacted by the prevailing heat conditions across the country.

Amul also increased the prices from today

Amul has also increased the price of milk by Rs 2 per liter from today i.e. June 3. Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) has said that the prices of Amul Gold, Amul Shakti and Amul Fresh have been increased.

According to the new prices of Amul, Amul Gold has increased by two rupees per liter. Now 500 ml paket of Amul Gold will cost Rs 33. The prices of Amul Gold, Amul Shakti, Amul Tea Special milk have been increased. 

Now the price of Amul Gold will increase from Rs 64/liter to Rs 66/liter. While the price of Amul Tea Special per liter will increase from Rs 62 to Rs 64. The price of Amul Shakti will increase from Rs 60 to Rs 62 per liter, along with this the price of curd has also increased. The new prices have become effective from today i.e. Monday morning.

Other companies will also hike the price

Amul is the biggest company in the milk business in India. All other companies follow Amul. When Amul increased the price of milk in the market, it is now believed that other companies will also do the same soon. Anyway, in the summer season, cows and buffaloes start giving less milk while milk production increases in the rainy season. That is why milk companies increase the price during this season.

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