28 Jun 2024

Delhi Airport Terminal 1 Operations Suspended After Roof Collapse: 1 Dead, 6 Injured, Check Latest Updates

New Delhi: A section of the roof at Delhi airport's Terminal 1 collapsed amid heavy rains Friday morning, resulting in death of one person and injuries to six others. The collapse occurred around 5:30 am, damaging several vehicles, including cabs, in the pick-up and drop area. Following the incident, all departures from Terminal 1 have been temporarily halted, and check-in counters closed for safety reasons, according to airport officials.

28 flights cancelled

The accident has led to the cancellation of 16 departure flights and 12 arrival flights since midnight. One of the injured was rescued from a car struck by an iron beam that fell during the collapse. The Delhi Fire Service (DFS) responded promptly to the scene.

Union Civil Aviation Minister Ram Mohan Naidu has stated that he is personally monitoring the situation. He confirmed that the injured have been admitted to a hospital and that first responders are actively working at the site. Airlines have been instructed to assist all affected passengers at Terminal 1. "Rescue operations are still underway," the minister tweeted.

Heavy rains led to roof collapse

In an official statement, Delhi Airport attributed the collapse to heavy rains, which caused a portion of the canopy at the old departure forecourt of Terminal 1 to give way. Emergency personnel are providing necessary assistance and medical help to those affected. The statement expressed regret for the disruption and apologized for the inconvenience caused to passengers.

As the rescue and recovery efforts continue, the safety of passengers and airport staff remains a top priority. The temporary suspension of operations at Terminal 1 is a precautionary measure to ensure no further incidents occur.

A spokesperson of Delhi International Airport Limited said, 'Due to this incident, all flights from Terminal 1 have been temporarily halted and check-in counters have been closed for security reasons.'

After the heavy rain in Delhi, the Meteorological Department has also informed that for some time, there will be light to moderate rain with thunderstorms in Delhi-NCR areas and winds will blow at a speed of 20 to 40 kilometers per hour.

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