28 Jun 2024

Madhya Pradesh: How Farmer Yuvraj Singh Became a Millionaire from His Mango Orchard

Bhopal: The state government’s initiatives to make farming more profitable are bearing fruit, as exemplified by Yuvraj Singh, a farmer from Alirajpur. Yuvraj, hailing from Chhota Undwa village, has transformed his ancestral mango orchard into a thriving business. His orchard boasts 26 varieties of mango trees, including Langra, Kesar, Chaunsa, Sindoori, Rajapuri, and Hapus.

Unique Recognition for Mango Flavor

Yuvraj Singh, a progressive farmer of Madhya Pradesh, credits the unique flavor of Alirajpur mangoes to the moisture in district's soil, which makes it ideal for mango cultivation. The distinct taste of these mangoes has garnered recognition nationwide. Yuvraj highlights that every year, he sells different mango varieties directly from his farm, and the quality of Alirajpur mangoes is so renowned that people often pre-book and make advance payments before the season begins.

Noor Jahan: A Special Mango Tree

A few years ago, Yuvraj introduced a Noor Jahan mango plant to his orchard from Kattiwada in the district, through grafting. Today, this plant has matured into a tree, producing mangoes weighing about three kilograms each, sold at a thousand rupees per kilo. Yuvraj’s dedication to mango farming stems from his grandfather and father, whom he observed working diligently in the orchard. Inspired by their legacy, he planted 500 mango plants seven years ago. His orchard now hosts over 2,000 trees, predominantly Kesar and other varieties. His excellence in mango cultivation has earned him numerous first prizes at Mango Festivals across various cities in the past decade.

Platform for Online Sales

Last year, Yuvraj embraced online marketing, selling mangoes worth 4 to 5 lakh rupees during the season. Additionally, he prepared 5 kg boxes for direct sale, reaching customers both locally and in broader markets. In Alirajpur, a predominantly tribal area, mangoes serve as the primary source of income for many residents. The substantial local market means that sellers don’t need to venture outside the city to sell their produce.

Yuvraj Singh's success story illustrates the potential of modern agricultural practices combined with traditional knowledge. His ability to adapt and innovate, from expanding his mango varieties to leveraging online sales, has turned his orchard into a lucrative enterprise, benefiting not only his family but also the wider community.

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