9 Jun 2024

ICC T-20 World Cup-2024: What Will Be Scenario If Pakistan Loses To India? England, New Zealand at Risk as Well

ICC T20 World Cup-2024: The upsets in the ICC T20 World Cup-2024 have disrupted the plans of four major teams. The 2009 champion Pakistan, after losing to the USA, and the 2021 runner-up New Zealand, after losing to Afghanistan, are facing increased difficulties. Defending champion England has not secured its first win even after two matches, and the 2014 champion Sri Lanka is on the brink of elimination after two consecutive losses.

When scheduling the tournament, the ICC aimed for each group to contain two strong and three weaker teams, ensuring that the top two teams from each group would progress to the Super-8 stage, making the next round more competitive. However, the unexpected defeats of these strong teams have disrupted the ICC's plans. 

If Pakistan Loses Today, the Next Stage is Almost Impossible

Pakistan's loss to the USA in their first group match has placed them in the fourth position in the Group-A points table. Today, they face India, and a loss here would significantly diminish their chances of reaching the Super-8 due to two consecutive defeats.

If Pakistan loses today and India defeats Canada while the USA beats Ireland, both India and the USA will have 6 points each. In this scenario, India and the USA would qualify from Group-A, ending the journey of the 2022 runner-up team Pakistan in the group stage itself.

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