25 Jun 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Chhindwara MP Vivek Bunty Sahu Fulfills This Promise to Tribals: What Record Did He Set?

MP Chhindwara News: Monday marked the first session of Parliament following the Lok Sabha elections-2024, with numerous MPs and cabinet ministers taking their oaths. Among them were MPs elected from Madhya Pradesh, including Vivek Bunty Sahu, representing Chhindwara, one of the state's most high-profile constituencies. Sahu fulfilled a significant promise he had made to the tribal community in his area.

Fulfillment of Promise to the Tribal Community

Sahu had pledged to the tribal people of his district that he would carry a yellow gamchha, a symbol of their cultural faith, to Parliament if elected. True to his word, he arrived at Parliament with the yellow gamchha on his head. This act symbolized the cultural and ancient traditions of Chhindwara's tribal society. 

During the oath ceremony, conducted by the Protem Speaker in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other MPs, Sahu wore the yellow gamchha around his neck and head, signifying his commitment to his constituents.

First Native of Chhindwara to Take Oath

Vivek Bunty Sahu made history by becoming the first native of Chhindwara to take the parliamentary oath. In the 72 years of India’s parliamentary democracy, this is the first instance of a person born in Chhindwara occupying this prestigious position. 

Since 1952, when India held its first Lok Sabha session, no individual from Chhindwara had ever assumed the role of MP until Sahu's recent swearing-in for the 17th Lok Sabha. This milestone is a noteworthy achievement for the region and reflects a significant moment in Chhindwara's political landscape.

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