25 Jun 2024

Delhi water crisis: AAP leader Atishi admitted in hospital

Water Minister Atishi in the Delhi government has been admitted to the hospital. Aam Aadmi Party has given this information on social media platform X.

The party has said that Atishi has not eaten anything for the last 5 days and is on an indefinite hunger strike.

Aam Aadmi Party said, "Her blood sugar level dropped to 43 at midnight and to 36 at 3 AM, after which LNJP Hospital doctors advised immediate hospitalization. She has not eaten anything for the last five days and is on an indefinite hunger strike demanding Haryana government to release Delhi's share of water.

She's been admitted in the emergency ICU at LNJP. We pray for her speedy recovery., AAP said.

Amidst the Delhi water crisis, the Delhi government has accused Haryana of not providing water. On the other hand, the Haryana government says that more water is being given to Delhi than before but the Delhi government is unable to make arrangements.

Delhi's water minister Atishi had started an indefinite hunger strike demanding water. Now her health has deteriorated. Atishi had also released a video message before this.

In this video, Atishi had said, "All the water in Delhi comes from neighboring states. The BJP government of Haryana has withheld 100 MGD i.e. more than 46 crore liters of water that is Delhi's right. This is used by more than 28 lakh people in a day."

"Until the Haryana government releases the water that is the right of these 28 lakh people, I will continue my demands. No matter how much my health deteriorates, I will ensure that the people of Delhi get their rightful water."

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