17 Jun 2024

MP: Vikram Ahake explains his political allegiance, tells why he appealed to vote in favour of Nakul Nath

Chhindwara Mayor Vikram Ahake has been making headlines recently. The Congress party faced a significant blow when Ahake, a close associate of Kamal Nath, left the party to join the BJP just before the Lok Sabha elections. However, on voting day, Ahake surprised many by urging people to vote for Congress candidate Nakul Nath. This unexpected move raised eyebrows and sparked speculation.

Despite this, after Lok Sabha elections Ahake was seen participating in a BJP rally in Chhindwara, wearing a saffron scarf and standing alongside CM Mohan. This shift led to further confusion about Ahake's political allegiance, especially after rumors suggested he might rejoin Congress.

Every step I take in politics reflects my true intentions: Ahake

Ahake has since clarified his actions. He explained his decision to support Nakul Nath despite being a BJP member. 

"Every step I take in politics reflects my true intentions. I joined the BJP because I was influenced by the Prime Minister's policies. My goal was to ensure the victory of Vivek Bunty Sahu. It’s known that Kamal Nath and Nakul Nath helped me become the mayor. I felt indebted to them and could not work freely for BJP. My video before Lok Sabha polls was my way of repaying that debt (in this video Ahake had urged voters to vote for Nakul Nath). Now, I am relieved of debt and fully committed to the BJP and will work with dedication and honesty," Ahake stated.

Ahake to campaign for BJP candidate in Amarwara by-election

The political community has been puzzled by Ahake's recent maneuvers, wondering about his true party affiliation. Ahake has now made it clear that he intends to stay with the BJP. He plans to campaign for BJP candidate Kamlesh Shah in the upcoming Amarwara by-election.

Ahake also praised the BJP, calling it a very good party, and described CM Mohan as a down-to-earth leader. His statements aim to solidify his position within the BJP and dispel any doubts about his loyalty.

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