19 Jun 2024

MP: Patalpani Kalakund Heritage Train to Commence Once Monsoon Intensifies: Enjoy a magical voyage filled with happiness and lasting memories

Patalpani Kalakund Heritage Train: Pre-monsoon activities are underway in Indore and its surrounding areas. With the rains, natural beauty is beginning to flourish in Mhow tehsil of Indore, and the Patalpani waterfall has started to flow. The railways are preparing for the operation of the heritage train, which will only begin once the monsoon gains momentum.

Recently, the Ministry of Railways posted a captivating video showcasing the scenic Patalpani-Kalakund Heritage Train ride. This journey through Madhya Pradesh's historical and picturesque landscapes offers passengers a delightful experience, immersing them in a blend of history and natural beauty.

In a tweet, the Railways Ministry described the Patalpani-Kalakund Heritage Train as a magical voyage filled with happiness and lasting memories.

Train can run from Indore to Patalpani

The work of broad gauge line on Mhow-Patalpani rail section is also almost complete. Soon it will be inspected by the Railway Safety Commissioner team. After this, the train can be operated directly from Indore to Patalpani. The operation of the state's first heritage train was started by Ratlam division on 25 December 2018.

Mesmerizing natural beauty

The passenger, heritage train halts at major attraction points en route, including the divine Patalpani falls, mapping through Choral and Kalakund too. The 15 km journey, passes through several tunnels and 29 sharp curves, offering spectacular views of MP's natural bounties, making the journey an experience for a lifetime for the travellers.

The natural beauty is worth seeing during the rains. One can see picturesque views while travelling in the Vistadome coach of the heritage train. This is the reason why tourists come from all over the state to travel.

Facilities for tourists

Many works were also done to attract tourists from Patalpani to Kalakund. The longest stoppage of the train is at Kalakund railway station, so all facilities like garden, circuit house have also been provided for tourists.

Along with this, two meter gauge coaches have also been parked to start a rail restaurant in Kalakund. In this, tourists could come to Kalakund by heritage train and stay in the middle of the jungle at night. Also, there would be food facility in the restaurant, but even after six years it did not start.

DRM Rajneesh Kumar said that at present our focus is on gauge conversion. Operation will start as soon as the preparations are complete. In the last season, tourists used to reach Patalpani water fall directly from Indore for the journey of heritage train, but the road to Patalpani is unpaved and traffic gets affected during rains.

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