15 Jun 2024

Name of every caller will be visible on mobile, no need for an App, will this facility be available on your phone?

Soon, a new service may be introduced following a recommendation by the Telecom Regulator (TRAI). The proposal suggests implementing a system called 'Calling Name Presentation' (CNP) as a supplementary service within the telecom network. This service aims to display the caller's name on the recipient's mobile phone screen without the need for any additional applications.

CNP facility may be provided in all phones sold in India after a certain date

When the CNP facility is enabled, the customer will be able to see the name of the caller on the screen of his phone. TRAI said that the government should issue appropriate instructions to telecom companies to provide CNP facility in all phones sold in India after a certain date.

The details provided in the Customer Application Form (CAF) for a mobile phone connection may be utilized for the Calling Name Presentation (CNP) service. While tools and apps like Truecaller and Bharat Caller also provide caller name identification and spam identification facilities, these services are based on data collected from people which is not always reliable.

Consultation paper was issued in 2022

The telecom regulator recommended that all access service providers offer the Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) service to their telephone customers upon request. TRAI released a consultation paper on this matter in November 2022, inviting feedback from stakeholders, the public, and the industry.

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