17 Jun 2024

UP: Will Akash Anand Re-enter BSP? Is Mayawati Waiting for Right Opportunity?

Lucknow: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati launched her nephew, Akash Anand, with much fanfare during the Lok Sabha elections-2024. However, his political activities were halted due to his controversial statements, which led to his removal from the positions of successor and coordinator. 

Although the BSP's performance in the Lok Sabha elections was poor, Akash Anand continues to be a significant topic in BSP and state politics. This raises questions about Mayawati's intentions behind removing Akash, whether he will re-enter politics, and if so, when. Is Mayawati waiting for the right opportunity to reintroduce him?

Became Active and Then Disappeared from the Scene

Mayawati had been grooming Akash Anand for a long time to introduce him into politics. His political journey began in 2017 when Mayawati included him in various meetings and later appointed him as the national coordinator. He was given the responsibility of overseeing assembly elections in several states outside Uttar Pradesh. Before the Lok Sabha elections, he was declared her successor, indicating his rising prominence within the party.

As the Lok Sabha elections commenced, Akash Anand began holding rallies. However, his controversial statement during a rally in Hardoi led to an FIR being lodged by BJP workers. This incident resulted in the cessation of his rallies, and subsequently, Mayawati removed him from his positions as her successor and national coordinator.

No Signs of Return at the Moment

Many expected Akash Anand to return to the political scene after the Lok Sabha elections. However, there are currently no indications from Mayawati that Akash will re-enter politics soon. Party sources reveal that feedback from party leaders after the elections was mixed. Some leaders believed that removing Akash during the elections was detrimental, while others suggested bringing him back. Despite this, Mayawati has not shown any signs of reintroducing him yet.

The BSP chief has scheduled a national meeting on June 23, which will include national officials and district-level officials from UP and other states. There is no indication that Akash will be present at this meeting, further suggesting that his return is not imminent.

Return Possible Before Assembly Elections

Party insiders believe that Akash Anand will eventually re-enter politics, but Mayawati is likely waiting for the right moment. She aims to avoid any immediate controversies that might arise from his sudden return to a significant position. Introducing Akash gradually and strategically is part of her plan to prevent questions about his previous removal.

Upcoming elections in states like Haryana and Maharashtra might provide an opportunity for Akash to re-enter politics. It is plausible that he will be given responsibilities in these states first. The assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh are scheduled for 2027, and it is expected that Akash will be reactivated before then, allowing him to build his political standing gradually.

In conclusion, Akash Anand's return to BSP politics seems inevitable, but Mayawati is carefully choosing the timing to ensure it aligns with the party's strategic interests and minimizes potential controversies.

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