1 Jul 2024

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Deepak Chaurasia's sincerity well-received by everyone

The inaugural weekend ka vaar of Bigg Boss OTT season 3 was notably dynamic, with Anil Kapoor engaging with the housemates in a firm manner. While many contestants were dressed up and wearing makeup, Deepak Chaurasia stood out by showcasing his simplicity in a cotton kurta pajama...

The news resonated for the first time on the Bigg Boss stage in the distinctive voice of Deepak Chaurasia. Right from the initial weekend, Anil Kapoor made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate any unruly behavior from the contestants. Anil appeared visibly upset, reprimanding all the contestants and revealing their strategies. He meticulously uncovered the true colors of each housemate.

Anil Kapoor had a candid conversation with Poulomi, leading to her frustration as he openly exposed her double-dealing. He provided feedback to Shivani on her errors and made a sarcastic comment directed at Sana Maqbool.

Anil had a pleasant interaction with Deepak 

Conversely, when it comes to Deepak Chaurasia, Anil Kapoor had a pleasant interaction with him. Anil said that contestants who exhibit genuine intentions and authenticity are appreciated by the audience and the show's creators. Deepak is portrayed as someone in the house who avoids unnecessary conflicts and trivial matters. Therefore he is hailed as the epitome of authenticity in the reality show. Deepak's sincerity is being well-received by everyone in the house.

This explains why, in the Bigg Boss reality show, while contestants were figuratively stabbing each other with swords, Deepak Chaurasia remained untouched. Deepak has established himself as a loyal friend in the Bigg Boss house, earning admiration from both Sai Ketan Rao and Ranveer. When asked during a task whom they would prefer to spend leisure time with, both Sai Ketan Rao and Ranveer chose Deepak Chaurasia.

Shivani expressed a desire to harm Deepak Chaurasia due to feeling unheard, but Deepak responded humorously by stating he also feels unheard by Shivani. While the housemates seem to be siding against Shivani, Deepak is the one supporting her.

Another side of Deepak was revealed

During the recent live feed at 11:00 pm on Sunday, another side of Deepak Chaurasia was revealed as he expressed interest in becoming a YouTuber. Deepak seems eager to learn from anyone, regardless of age, to enhance his skills. He was seen discussing blogging and video editing with Shivani and Armaan, hinting at his plans for a new venture post the show. Deepak is currently gaining favor among both housemates and viewers. country. Maybe that is why he is given this name 'Real Man of Reality Show' by outsiders too.

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