2 Jul 2024

MP: Pandit Pradeep Mishra embroiled in another controversy, what he said about Tapti river, why Tapti devotees are angry?

Pandit Pradeep Mishra Controversy: The saga of controversies surrounding MP's storyteller Pradeep Mishra continues. Following a previous unresolved controversy, a new statement has sparked fresh debate. 

A video from Betul district has been circulating widely on social media, where Pradeep Mishra refers to the Tapti river as cursed. This remark has stirred anger among Tapti river devotees, prompting calls for an apology from Pandit Pradeep Mishra. Additionally, devotees have lodged a complaint through a memorandum.

In the video, Pradeep Mishra is captured stating, "Yamuna ji had cursed Tapti ji, which is why bones dissolve in the Tapti river." 

Devotees are now insisting that Pradeep Mishra appear before the court of Punya Salila Maa Suryaputri Tapti to offer an apology for labeling Tapti as a cursed river.

The devotees have cautioned Pradeep Mishra that failure to visit Tapti's birthplace, Multapi, and apologize before Punya Salila Maa Suryaputri Tapti Janmotsav on July 13, 2024, will not be tolerated. They have threatened to oppose and protest against him in Taptichal if he does not comply.

 Unique Aspects of the Tapti River...

Ramkishore Pawar, State President of Maa Suryaputri Tapti Jagriti Samiti Madhya Pradesh, asserts, "Pandit Pradeep Mishra must substantiate whether Tapti is truly a cursed river and provide the rationale behind this claim. The notion that bones do not dissolve in Tapti due to Yamuna's curse is wrong. On the other hand it is believed that due to Tapti's inherent strength and swiftness, the deceased find salvation in its waters" 

Pawar further said, "Mishra appears unaware of the profound impact and religious significance of the Tapti river. It stands as the only river globally where ashes scattered upon it achieve spiritual liberation in just three days."

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