6 Jul 2024

Bigg Boss OTT 3 interviewer Deepak Chaurasia interviewed by housemates

The shoot of Weekend Ka Vaar has started in the house of Bigg Boss OTT Season 3, but let us tell you that Friday was also a very fun and emotional day for the housemates. The reason for this was that Bigg Boss neither got any task done, but the housemates in the Bigg Boss house also felt that tomorrow one of the members will be eliminated again and in such a situation, the housemates were seen talking to each other.

Interviewer Deepak interviewed by housemates

Munisha was afraid that she might get eliminated this week. Deepak Chaurasia, who asks questions to everyone, makes all the contestants sit on the hot seat, but this time Deepak himself sat on the hot seat and the housemates asked him many kinds of questions.

Why do the housemates doubt Deepak? Is there any deep secret?

There is ongoing speculation among the housemates about Deepak Chaurasia's role inside the Bigg Boss house, with some considering him to be a special agent of Bigg Boss. Deepak has artfully navigated these conversations, leaving his fellow housemates with the impression that he may indeed have a unique connection to Bigg Boss within the house. This led to Lavkesh expressing doubts about Deepak's affiliation, humorously suggesting that even Bigg Boss himself might question Deepak's true intentions.

Why is Armaan Malik scared of Deepak Chaurasia?

While the housemates were questioning Deepak, everyone told Armaan Malik to also ask Deepak ji questions. But Armaan refused and said that don't make me fight with him, he is the father of all...

Deepak exposed Sana Sultan's game

Deepak who is called the king of questions exposed Sana Sultan's game. He asked Sana the previous day that Sana, first you befriended Vishal, then Naezy, then Sai and slowly Ranvir and me…is this some big plan of your game, Sana had no answer…

Deepak became the savior of the family, while the family was getting worried because the ration in the house was over and there was no vegetable. So Deepak taught them to make such a vegetable of gram flour (besan) that all the family members were surprised to hear. And let me tell you that after that there was no shortage of food and because of Deepak the family members got a good dinner.

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