6 Jul 2024

Why did Deepak Chaurasia reach Bigg Boss-3?

Deepak Chaurasia, a prominent figure in journalism for 31 years, has recently entered the popular reality show Bigg Boss-3. His decision to join the show seems to stem from his desire to explore new challenges and showcase his versatility beyond journalism. 

Bigg Boss offers a platform for individuals to step out of their comfort zones, and Deepak, known for his career full of experiments, saw this as an opportunity to test his abilities in a different arena. It appears that Deepak viewed his participation in Bigg Boss as a personal challenge to demonstrate his capabilities in the realm of reality television.

Entered the show despite surgery

You must have seen in the show that Deepak is seen on a wheel chair. The reason for which we will also reveal today. Deepak had a surgery on his leg just 20 days before entering the show. But no one has ever been able to stop his courage in all these years, so how could he give up this time. 

That is why he entered the Bigg Boss house ignoring his health condition and today he is ruling the Bigg Boss house. He is performing his duties as a senior member of the house very well. Whether it is a matter of resolving a fight between members in the house or someone has to express his feelings, every housemate sees that wisdom and patience in Deepak.

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