10 Jul 2024

Chhattisgarh: Man serving life sentence in Raipur Central Jail released without orders, this action taken against officials for negligence

Raipur: A big negligence of jail officers has come to light in the case of releasing Mahavir Satnami, a prisoner in Raipur Central Jail, Chhattisgarh, in a murder case, without orders. Now investigation of the case has been started. Notice has been sent to three officers. Notice has been sent to Assistant Jail Superintendent Khushboo Mishra, Deputy Jail Superintendent Mokhnath Pradhan and Head Guard Lekh Ram Dhruv. The Jail Superintendent has sought an explanation for the negligence in the notice.

This is the whole case

In 1998, a murder took place in Madwa village of Girodpuri over a land dispute. Many people including Mahavir Satnami were made accused in this case. After a long hearing, Mahavir Satnami was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was in jail for the last 14 years. He was approved for release by the jail administration for his good conduct in jail.

It is being told that when the letter came back, it was written in it that he cannot be released. But due to the negligence of the officials, he was released from jail on June 4. After the mistake was discovered, he was brought back from his village on June 12 and sent to jail.

Raipur Central Jail's Jail Superintendent Amit Shandilya said, investigation of the case has been started. Notice has been sent to the officials who were negligent. Action will be taken after receiving the reply.

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