5 Jul 2024

Hathras Incident: Rahul Gandhi meets victims' families, Says...

Rahul Gandhi on Friday met the families of those killed in the Hathras incident and demanded maximum and early compensation for them.

After meeting the victim families, Rahul Gandhi told reporters, "Many families have suffered in this accident. Many people have died. But I am not looking at this incident from a political perspective. There is a deficiency in administration. Mistakes have been made. This should be found out."

Rahul said, "Perhaps the most important thing is that the compensation should be correct. These are poor families and it is a difficult time. Compensation should be given as much as possible."

Rahul said, "I want to tell the Chief Minister of UP that compensation should be given wholeheartedly. It is needed at this time. There should be no delay in this. If it is given after six months or a year, no one will benefit."

Rahul Gandhi said, "I have personally talked to the family members. They said that there was a mistake of administration and the police arrangements that should have been made were not made. They are very sad. They are in shock. I am trying to understand their situation.''

Rahul said, "The bereaved families of the victims of the Hathras accident are in deep grief and shock. It is requested to the Uttar Pradesh government that it should show full sympathy towards the families, help them by giving compensation as soon as possible and investigate the matter and give them justice."

On July 2, 123 people died in a stampede at the satsang of Baba popularly known as Bhole Baba in Hathras, UP. Most of the dead are women and children.

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