5 Jul 2024

UP: Ayodhya Rampath: Emergency Repairs Underway; Mayor Admits Engineering and Technical Issues

The first rain in Uttar Pradesh has exposed the flaws in the construction of the newly built Rampath in Ayodhya, constructed at a budget of 844 crores. This roadway, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has shown signs of wear within six months. Potholes have emerged, raising significant concerns about the quality of the construction. This issue has sparked political controversy, with opposition parties and citizens voicing their concerns on social media.

Action Against Officials and Company

In response to the road's rapid deterioration, the Yogi government has taken strict measures. Six officers from the Public Works Department and Water Corporation—two executive engineers, two assistant engineers, and two junior engineers—have been suspended. Additionally, a notice has been issued to M/s Bhugan Infracon Pvt Ltd, the Gujarat-based company responsible for the construction. The Chief Engineer of Jal Nigam Lucknow region has been appointed to investigate the matter and is expected to submit a report by July 30.

Emergency Repairs Underway

The heavy rainfall has led to severe waterlogging on Rampath Marg and its connecting streets, causing significant road damage. In response, the Public Works Department has initiated emergency repairs, hastily filling potholes with soil using JCV machinery. Despite these efforts, the rapid appearance of potholes, even before the full onset of the monsoon, raises critical questions about the construction's quality.

Engineering and Technical Issues Admitted

Ayodhya Mayor Girish Pati Tripathi has acknowledged that there are engineering and technical problems with Rampath's construction. He emphasized that while the path, stretching about 13 kilometers, showcased its grandeur during the January 22 inauguration, it is not immune to issues. "There are some engineering problems and some technical errors. These will be fixed with time in the first and second rains," he stated, assuring that the problems will be addressed promptly. Despite the current issues, Tripathi views Rampath as a significant achievement for Ayodhya, promising that all identified problems will be resolved.

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