5 Jul 2024

Bigg Boss OTT-3: 8 participants nominated, shocking elimination this week; Deepak Chaurasia's daughter’s appeal to viewers

A video of Bigg Boss contestant Deepak Chaurasia's daugther has been released which is being liked a lot by the viewers. Deepak Chaurasia's daughter says she is disappointed. Then in the video she is seen explaining why she is disappointed. She says her father is contesting but these people have nominated him. She appeals to the viewers to support her father.

Yesterday, 8 contestants were nominated in the Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 house. The nominated contestants include Sai Ketan Rao, Ranveer, Armaan Malik, Deepak Chaurasia, Munisha Katwani, Vishal Pandey, Sana Maqbool, and Sana Sultan. It has been reported that more than half of the house has been nominated. On the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar, Anil Kapoor is expected to eliminate the contestant who receives the least votes.

Is Deepak Chaurasia the agent of Bigg Boss inside the house? The housemates revealed

Yesterday in the Bigg Boss house, there was a lot of chaos as the housemates had to identify an outsider among themselves. Many housemates suspected Deepak Chaurasia of being the outsider. There was a belief that Deepak was living in the Bigg Boss house as a representative of the show with a specific purpose. Armaan Malik even mentioned that if Vishal had a similar injury on his leg, he might not have been allowed to enter the house. The special arrangements made for Deepak inside the house raised suspicions among the contestants.

Housemates failed in the task 'Kaun Hai Baharwala'

In the recent day at the Bigg Boss house, a task was assigned by Bigg Boss where the housemates had to identify an outsider. Big Boss instructed the housemates to mutually select two detectives who would take one contestant with them into the investigation room in each round. They were to investigate and determine if the selected house member was an outsider. 

Big Boss expressed disappointment to the housemates for not understanding the task and allowing the outsider to influence them. Deepak Chaurasia supported Armaan during this task. Armaan approached Deepak and requested his vote to become a detective, mentioning his ability to ask insightful questions.

How did Deepak Chaurasia escape the pain of waxing?

Deepak Chaurasia took the names of Armaan Malik and Ranveer. But the two members who became detectives by mutual consent were Sana Maqbool and Armaan Malik. However, both of them did not inquire from Deepak Chaurasia even once because somewhere the housemates are afraid of Deepak. In this task, an activity was also going on in the garden area. 

During this, Bigg Boss even asked to do waxing in which boys had to be waxed. In such a situation, Lavkesh and Vishal saved Deepak Chaurasia, otherwise they would also have to get their waxing done. Ranveer also escaped very cleverly... but like always, this time also the housemates could not recognize the outsider and Lavkesh won again and the housemates lost.

Why did Deepak scold Shivani?

Shivani tends to express her opinions on various topics in the house, prompting Deepak Chaurasia to offer her a stern warning recently. He advised her, like an elder brother, that her words may be understood by some but not by everyone in the show. Deepak pointed out that Shivani's habit of responding to everyone was causing confusion among the housemates. He suggested that she speak more cautiously and consider her audience. 

Deepak emphasized that not everyone interprets things as directly as they do. In response, Shivani assured Deepak that she would be more thoughtful in her interactions moving forward. It's worth noting that the live feed will cease on Saturday morning, and Anil Kapoor will commence shooting for Weekend Ka Vaar. This week Vicky Kaushal is coming inside the house to promote his upcoming film.

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