5 Jul 2024

Political Turmoil in Rajasthan Following Resignation of BJP Leader Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena; Will Saffron Party Benefit In By-elections?

The resignation of BJP leader Dr. Kirodi Lal Meena has ignited a flurry of speculation and political activity in Rajasthan. One major reason cited for his resignation is his previous pledge to step down if the BJP failed to secure seats in the Lok Sabha elections, a promise he has now fulfilled. His departure has caused significant turbulence in the state's political landscape.

There is speculation that Dr. Meena had been considered for a significant role in the government, possibly as Deputy Chief Minister or head of a major department, following the assembly elections. However, this anticipated promotion did not materialize, which may have contributed to his decision to resign.

Internal BJP strife

Another factor linked to his resignation is the ongoing conflict between Dr. Meena and Education Minister Madan Dilawar. This internal BJP strife is believed to have played a role in his decision to step down. With the by-elections approaching, his resignation is also being seen in the context of strategic political maneuvering.

Regardless of the underlying reasons, Dr. Meena's resignation could potentially garner sympathy for him in eastern Rajasthan. This sentiment might influence the upcoming by-elections for the Dausa assembly seat, possibly swinging the Meena community's vote in favor of the BJP, thereby increasing the party's chances of winning the seat.

Preparations for By-Elections

The upcoming by-elections are necessitated by the victories of MLAs from Dausa, Jhunjhunu, Deoli-Uniara, Chaurasi, and Khinvsar in the Lok Sabha elections, which have left these assembly seats vacant. The BJP had lost all five of these seats in the December 2023 assembly elections. Now, as preparations for the by-elections gain momentum, the political atmosphere is charged with anticipation and strategic planning.

The developments in Rajasthan's political scene following Dr. Meena's resignation underscore the intricate dynamics and the potential impact on the BJP's fortunes in the forthcoming by-elections.

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