1 Jul 2024

Rahul Gandhi's Remarks on Hinduism in Parliament: Why there is uproar? What Arun Govil, Yogi Adityanath said?

BJP MP Arun Govil has strongly criticized Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi's remarks on Hinduism made during a Parliament session.

Govil, known for his portrayal of Lord Ram in the "Ramayana" TV series, said, "Rahul Gandhi made a very wrong statement which he should not have made. I am a Hindu and I say with pride that I am a Hindu. He should apologize to all Hindus."

Govil further added, "He tried to do a lot of drama today but failed. Drama requires an understanding of content, which he lacks. It's painful to see the Leader of Opposition behave this way."

We believed Rahul would mature after becoming LoP: Yogi 

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also weighed in, expressing disappointment. "We believed that Rahul Gandhi would mature after becoming the Leader of Opposition, but his statement shows continued childishness. Only an immature person would make such remarks."

Adityanath emphasized, "Hindu is the core society of India, the soul of India. Hinduism is not about caste or communalism; it's the essence of India beyond any religion or sect. Rahul Gandhi's comment about Hinduism is untruthful and attacks the core soul of India." He demanded an apology from Gandhi.

Union Minister Prahlad Joshi echoed similar sentiments, stating, "Congress still has an anti-Hindu mentality, which has been proved again. Their hatred for Hinduism is evident."

Rahul did not talk about Hindus but about BJP's mindset: SP MP

In contrast, Samajwadi Party MP Awadhesh Prasad, who defeated BJP in Ayodhya, defended Rahul Gandhi. "Rahul Gandhi did not talk about Hindus but about the BJP's mindset and ideology of the RSS," Prasad clarified.

Regarding his potential nomination for Deputy Speaker from the India Alliance, Prasad mentioned, "I do not have any information about this right now."

What Did Rahul Gandhi Say?

On Monday, Rahul Gandhi, in a Parliament session, accused the BJP of spreading violence and hatred, referencing Lord Shiva.

Gandhi stated, "Shivaji says do not be afraid, do not scare others, he shows Abhaya Mudra and buries the trident in the ground."

He then pointed towards the ruling party, saying, "Those who call themselves Hindus talk about violence and hatred, lying 24 hours a day."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi objected to Gandhi's comments, asserting, "The matter is very serious; calling the entire Hindu society violent is a serious issue."

Govil and other BJP leaders insist that Rahul Gandhi’s statements are offensive and have called for an apology, viewing his remarks as a direct affront to Hinduism and its core values.

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