6 Jul 2024

Shaheen Malhotra speaks about his character Yash in Sony SAB’s Vanshaj

Sony SAB's 'Vanshaj' is an intense family drama with Yuvika Mahajan (Anjali Tatrari) fighting against the gender norm of inheritance, causing a fight for power with her cousin Digvijay also called DJ Mahajan (Mahir Pandhi). 

In the upcoming episodes, viewers will witness how Yuvika finally manages to end DJ’s reign and lead the Mahajan empire as the rightful heir of the business. While Yuvika prepares for a fresh start, a new figure enters her life, poised to disrupt her life.

Noted actor Shaleen Malhotra takes on the role of Yash Talwar, the dynamic businessman and the young heir of the Talwar Industries, one of the old rivals of the Mahajan empire. Yash stands in stark contrast to Yuvika's ideals of empathy and integrity. Their clash of ambitions in 'Vanshaj' will spark a gripping battle of intellect and willpower, setting the stage for the two warring families to come face-to-face. 

What will happen when the two contrasting personalities collide? Will it give rise to a fierce battle? Or will it be the case of opposite attracts?

Yash is a powerful and positive character: Shaleen

Shaleen Malhotra on entering the show as a new male lead Yash Talwar said,“I am looking forward to joining the team of Vanshaj. Yash is a powerful and positive character who does everything for his family. He has a strong business acumen and believes in cutthroat competition when it comes to taking his rivals down. 

Shaleen said further, "The show recently completed a year and has created a strong fan base for itself, and I am confident that Yash Talwar will be loved and accepted by the audience as much as the other characters on the show. He will be like a breath of fresh air with a never-seen-before attitude towards life, and his rivalry with the Mahajans will add to the intensity and the drama.”

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