3 Jul 2019

This was Sunny Leonis first appearance after watching porn movie for the first time

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone started her career as a porn star. In this career he got very prominently. He became the top adult star. But did you know how he was reacting when he himself saw the first Blu-ray movie?

This story was revealed in Sunny's web series 'Karanjit: The Untold Story'. According to the web series, Sunny had mistakenly seen the first Blue Movie with his brother and a friend. After seeing this, his mind was full of regret. What they did to eradicate this regret shows how much the child's mind is pure.

When Sunny got angry after seeing the blue film, she stood in front of the photograph of Guru Nanak Dev and apologized for her mistake. Sunny's life and her kind of experiences were so far the most hidden. But Sunny's web series kept many stories related to her life in front of everyone. One of these is that Sunny's brothers used to sell Sunny's autographs on posters and sell them in college.

Sunny's brother Sandeep said, "I used to put sunny posters in my room. His sign was also in that poster. Seeing this kind of poster poster everyone used to insist me to buy those posters. I did not give a poster instead of money. As soon as I got a poster I used to stick the second poster. Sandeep laughs himself while explaining his work.

Let's tell that Sunny Leoni's bonding with brother is very special. Even his name is stolen from Sunny brother. Actually, Sunny needed a new name while coming to the career of adult films. In such a case, Sandeep's nickname Sunny came first in his mind. In this way, he kept his name sunny from brother.

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