26 Sep 2019

Economic Slowdown: Who Is Responsible?????

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Economic Slowdown: What does that mean to you? Closure of medium and small scale industry, Production shut down, Slow growth rate of GDP or a panel of discussion between some idiots who termed themselves as politicians and are suppose to be the policy makers and well wishers of the voters they target after every 5 years.  What does that suppose to you? Economic slow down simply means people jobless with no money to feed their family with no shut down in the demands of their children but the shutdown of their jobs as they are simply thrown out of their jobs giving petty reasons that company is facing financial issues.  
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Most affected are the employees who were contractual with small salaries working 24*7 and were thrown out of their jobs giving petty accuse of economic slowdown.  With the passing of each day small scale jobs are weakening from across all sectors.  There is a cut in production rate of the companies giving major goals to the policy makers of the company to cut down jobs of the employees.  Employees who are on small salaries are the first victims to this slow down, leaving them jobless ending their last chance to be paid respectfully.  Can any government describe this scenario as simple economic slowdown as this is not.  This scenario is murder of lower middle and middle class people.  

Auto sector has over 3 crore employees and over 3 Lakh employees have already been out of job.  Same fate is turning for the employees of MTNL where this company is also facing similar shut down.  Can anyone tell what should employees of these companies tell to their families?  

Real sector is also worst affected.  Many blue collared are out of jobs right now.  Last year around 1 Lakh employees has lost their job.  And this year around 5 Lakh more employees will be out of job in real estate by the year end.  

The liquidity crunch that started in 2018 along with the long-term effects of demonetization is being highlighted by industry experts as the key reason for the slowdown.  Auto sector face up is that not just employees directly linked to Tata but other ancillary companies which manufacture auto components are also temporarily shutting shops to combat demand slowdown. As a result, many employees are now left without any work.

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