30 Sep 2019

Update In Honey Trap Case Of Madhya Pradesh

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Many revelations are happening one after another in the Bhopal Honeytrap case. The heat of honeytrap has reached Raipur now and it seems that this will be the only case that will spread to many states of the country and there will be many more people besides Bhopal-Raipur. 

The police are taking the accused girls of Honeytrap to different locations and provoking the methods of honey trapping. At the same time, where has the trap been fixed to each other? If the sources are to be believed, by now a lot of trappings and stories of honey have taken place. According to the news of the sources, according to which ...

1-In the case of half-a-dozen IAS and half-dozen IPS wires connected in the case of Honeytrap.

According to 2-sources, there is a team of 100 people, who used to target the people after honeytrapping.

3-Girls were called as per the need, the accused girls used to call girls.

4-The girls who were called did not even know that their videos were being made. Which will be used later for blaming.

5- By late night, there was obscene chatting with officers and leaders, till late in the night, they used to talk on mobile.

6- The accused admitted that there were hidden cameras in the flat which were used for video recording of officers.

7-The videos found in the hard disk from the accused. They can be sent to labs in Hyderabad and Chandigarh for forensic examination.

In addition to three or four former ministers in the honeytrap case, senior Congress leaders and some current ministers are connected to the matter.

9-Apart from this, many transfer postings and government contracts were given in the previous and current government.

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