31 Oct 2019

Ladakh An Exotic Tourist Destination

High snow-covered peaks, glaciers, sand dunes, thick clouds with shining dawn a view no one can miss if searching for a tourist destination.  A world's highest place surrounded by  Karakoram on north and the Himalayas on south. Situated on an altitude of 9,000 to 25,170 feet it feels like roaming on roof of the world

Ladakh also known icy desert.  Its the beauty and height of Ladakh that makes it exotic tourist destination. The weather in Ladakh remains quite good in October-November.

The main city of Ladakh is Leh.  Historic museum stores precious jewels, traditional clothes and jewelry is worth visiting.   Shakyamuni Buddha is another tourist love made of gold with a copper layer.  A three-storey high Buddha statue is also tourist attraction in Naimgyal Sena Gompa. 

The world's highest saltwater lake Pangang is also in Ladakh. Ice hockey can be enjoyed here from December to February. Bowling and polo are the traditional sports of Ladakh.  May to October is the best time to visit Ladakh. The weather here is the best at this time. It is a cold winter from December to February. 

Also Known as Small Tibet because of the tradition of Buddha and influence of Tibetan culture.
The villages, sky-touching stupas and the monasteries built on steep and rocky rocks, precious archaeology and arts work are visible in these monasteries. Various types of animals are also seen in Ladakh. Different and rare species of birds and wild animals can also be seen here.

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