30 Nov 2019

Cyber Crime Of Rs 12 Crore Unearthed In AIIMS Delhi

India's premier largest medical institute, Hospital AIIMS, witnessed a major cyber crime.  The fraudsters took away Rs 12 crore from the AIIMS institution's account. The fraudsters used more than 12 crore rupees in the last one month from two bank accounts of AIIMS using cloned cheques. 

The fraudsters have extracted the accounts of SBI from bank branches located in other cities as well.

According to reports, in the last one week, the accused tried to took more than Rs 29 crore from SBI's Dehradun and other branches in Mumbai. The accused have carried out this crime using cloned cheques. 

The fraudsters tried to take away Rs20 crore rupees from a SBI branch in Dehradun, Rs 9 Crore rupees from a bank branch in Mumbai. However, these attempts were caught. 

According to information received from sources, it is also being reported that Rs 7 Crore were taken from AIIMS main account by faking the scenes. This account is operated by the director of AIIMS. At the same time, five crore rupees were taken away from the account held with Dean, Research of AIIMS.

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