30 Nov 2019

Nishank launched : Most Automatic Weapon

A longer range revolver Nishank has been launched. It is the first revolver in the country that is capable of hitting over long distances. 

This powerful revolver is hence named Nishank. Because Nishank means no one is afraid of anyone. This revolver is one of the most advanced revolver as it will have a chip in the grip of the revolver which will alert the location of the weapon, firing record, service alarm and bad parts.

The special thing in this revolver is that in the case of this weapon being stolen, it can be searched through GPS. This chip will only be known to the owner. 

The trigger pool of this revolver is small. The revolvers used so far had an effective range of 15 to 20 meters of the trigger pool. Nishank has a minimum range of 50 meters. 

The revolver caliber is .32 bore, weighs a total of 740 grams, the total length of the barrel of the revolver is 131.65 mm, the firepower of this particular revolver is 50 meters.

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