12 Nov 2019

Real Tarzan Of Modern Times A Lover Of Nature: Kody Antle

Today we are bringing you video of Kody Antle a real Tarzan in real life who has spend his childhood with tigers and wild animals.  He often shares his videos in YouTube in which he is seen playing with tigers.   

His first video appeared in December 2013 on his Instagram account.  He is famous for giving wildlife tours as a part of Myrtle Beach Safari.  

In the videos he has featured with tigers, chimps and elephants and other exotic animals on his Instagram Account.  

He belongs to United States Of America. He is known and famous as wildlife conservationist.

People are afraid of these big cats but these big cats love him as they know he won't hurt them and care for them and that's exactly what he does. 

He is spreading awareness among the people that the wild animals also need our love and care.  We all are co existence with each other and have to take care of each other so that our world grow well

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