30 Nov 2019

Share Prices Of Some Companies At High Risk

Our economy is on the low and GDP has touched all time low now in the 10 years.  But we have seen some shares at the stock exchange from trading all time low to high of around 300 percent.

Today we are sharing with you share prices of Reliance Naval, this share has fallen to its all time low of  .45 paisey to Rs 8.87 at the BSE index yesterday.  At NSE this stock was trading at Rs 8.30.  According to the researches this company has achieved this price in mere two months and has given its traders a time to celebrate. 

This company market cap is 654.24 and the share price face value is Rs 10.00.  Buyers are giving this share a buy call.  But how safe is this share to trade. 

Earlier it had slipped after its subsidiary admits for corporate insolvency resolution process.  Earlier there were pending sell orders with no buyers available.  This company had admitted for corporate insolvency resolution process with NCLT, Ahmedabad Bench filed by IFCI.

Still investors are tracking this share at their own risk.  Intraday is being widely done in this share.  This share has no good news to it and it has traded all time low as well.  Why this share is trading is a big question mark with a very low market volume. 

Still this share has given investors good profit.  We at Medianews 18 are not giving any trading strategy but are sharing our readers that how a company with no market cap and no buyers for its orders is trading and giving profits when our GDP is hitting all time low. 

Moreover investing in share prices are subject to market risk and investor should read the investor document carefully before investing.

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