30 Nov 2019

Terror Attack In London, United Kingdom

As reported in the Guardian, there has been a terror attack in London, United Kingdom.  According to the reports coming in a terrorist who had attacked London Bridge was shot dead by the London Police.  The attacker was out after he had finished his term in jail over his al-Qaida inspired bomb plot. 

The name of the terrorist is Usman Khan was shot dead by the police while he was wearing a fake suicide vest.  In the terrorist attack one man and woman were also killed on Friday.  According to the police in 2012 Usman was arrested in his connection with al Qaida when he tried to blow off stock exchange of UK.  The attacker was a convicted terrorist who was released on licence.

He was released from the prison early.  The terrorist also had his connection with India as well as when he was arrested before he had said in his statement that he wanted to open a terror school in Kashmir where he and his family owns a land there and his family belongs to Kashmir. 

According to the Mayor of London Jeremy Corbyn where she said that there are shocking reports from London Bridge.  My thoughts are with those caught up in the incident and thanked the police and emergency services who are responding.

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