1 Nov 2019

Today Is The State Formation Day Of Nine States

The following states would be celebrating their foundation day today.  It was on this day that these states were brought together under Secular India and these states were brought to picture.  The states who would be celebrating their statehood today are:

1. Andhra Pradesh Founded in 1956

2. Karnataka Founded in 1956

3. Kerala Founded in 1956

4. Rajasthan Founded in 1956

5. Madhya Pradesh Founded in 1956

6. Tamil Nadu Founded in 1956

7. Haryana Founded in 1966

8. Punjab Founded in 1966

9. Chattisgarh Founded in 2000

According to the news coming in cultural events would take place on this day in the capital in these states.  Various schemes will be inaugurated to mark the occasion around the states.  Main attraction would be the cultural events and Capitals of the states. 

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