1 Nov 2019

WhatsApp Spying: Indian Government Under Target

After WhatsApp has confirmed and said that Indian journalists, activists were spied on whatup and all their chats and personal information were leaked using Israeli spyware called Pegasus. And this software was used to spy on journalist and human activist in India. 

According to the coming reports coming in around 1400 users were affected by this software.  And it further states that there were tow dozens academics, lawyers, journalists and dalit activists.  Many names were also disclosed by the company on whom spying was done.  

According to the reports whatsapp had updated the app in May 2019 and had alerted the people on how to launch a probe into how the hack worked and affected people and had also alerted the targets.  

In the meanwhile the BJP led government in India is denying reports that are coming in and says that the government had no knowledge of the spying being done by the company.   

And according to the reports government of India has written to the WhatApp company that who has ordered the purchase of the Pegasus spyware from Israel.  By Monday Whatsapp has to give its reply to the government as the govt. has given four days to the company to revert.

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