18 Dec 2019

Accused In Disha Case Did Murdered 15 Women Like Her

Reports are coming in the Disha Gang Rape and Murder case, the police has revealed details in the case.  During the investigation, the police found that the four accused had committed several rape cases.  

DNA test has revealed that the accused murdered about 15 women after the rape and burnt their bodies.  During the investigation, the police found that, like Disha, those accused had targeted about 15 more women.  They used to first rape the women and kill them and then used to burn the dead body.  Police has disclosed these details in 9 out of 15 cases, while investigations are still on in other cases.

According to reports Mohammad Arif committed six murders and other associates did twelve murders.  All the incidents were carried out by the accused on Sangareddy, Rangareddy, Karnataka, Mahbubnagar, Hyderabad Highway.  

The accused used to carry out the crime around the area where the truck was taken.  Reports state that Mohammad Arif, Jolu Siva, Jolu Naveen and Chennakeshvulu were accused in the Disha case.

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