6 Dec 2019

Congress MP Accuses Police Personnel

The entire nation is full of praise for Hyderabad Police but the Congress party in Telangana is not liking the dress of Hyderabad Police.  

Today, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Viplav Thakur has raised questions on the police over the killing of rape accused in an encounter in Hyderabad.  He has said how police can take laws in hand when police is responsible for protection of citizens.  The police has become so inefficient that anyone can snatch their weapon.  If the accused has taken police revolver by force then how did he run away?  Police is under question.  Police is negligent. There should be investigation in this matter.

According to the reports the four accused in the rape and burning of female doctor in Telangana have confessed their crime.  The accused were taken at 3 am at the crime spot for recreation of the details.  All these accused were trying to escape and during this time all the accused have been killed in the firing by the police.  Police say that an accused snatched a policeman's weapon and tried to escape.  If this accused had escaped, a big uproar would have arisen, so the police had no other way and all the four accused were killed in retaliatory firing.

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